Risk Management

At Trimble, risk management is a critical element in maximizing value for our shareholders. Risk management focuses on four main categories within Trimble: Hazard, Operational, Financial and Strategic. Regular, on-going management and review processes allow us to actively manage both strategic and operational risks with a forward-looking view. Trimble conducts compliance and hazard risk assessments in order to identify, assess, and treat risks while establishing risk tolerances and prioritizing resources. Risk owners exist at every level of the organization. Leaders of our various divisions act as company-wide risk champions. These leaders raise awareness, share leading practices, and facilitate compliance and other risk management activities. Each year, Trimble’s risk management lead works with functional and divisional leaders to present the top inherent risks that could pose a material threat to exceeding established risk tolerances and shareholder value. This information, along with a summary of key risk management activities, is presented annually to Trimble’s Board of Directors.